Friday, March 5, 2010

Epic Gaming Moment: Mesmerizing Multipliers

Some moments we encounter in gaming are so powerful that they will forever be burned into our brain and embedded in our memories for a very long time. For me, these include the first time I encountered each of the colossi in Shadow of the Colossus, seeing the shocking ending to Ikaruga, and being able to win a match in Culdcept after being completely decimated by the A.I. and it was just one roll away from victory - to name a few. I have found another astounding moment in my gaming life: chaining a high score multiplier in ESPGaluda II Black Label for the X-Box 360.

It goes from this... this!

Screen-filling enemy bullets are common enough in this kind of shooter but the reason why the above is so deliciously incredible is the way the multipliers just wipe out the screen with huge gold numbers. The game is all about rewarding the player when cancelling enemy bullets at the right moment and a more basic iteration of this was also in the first ESPGaluda that I do own on the PlayStation 2 but the impact of achieving such high combos in the first game is nothing compared to how it looks like in the sequel. I also like how these numbers pop-up one at a time in rapid succession to replace each of the bullets on-screen based on the order that they appear on the screen. They just make me feel so rewarded and happy inside. Score multipliers should not eat up the screen like this because they are so distracting and beautiful! I wet myself a bit every single time this happens and yes, that's a lot of dirty underwear in one day.

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