Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday Hookup

No, not that kind of a hookup. I'm actually talking about the tangled-up, complex video game kind. I have moved into my new place for more than two months and during all of that time, I didn't properly hook up some of my "active duty" game consoles in my game room. The consoles in question are the import PlayStation 2, the import Nintendo GameCube, the Sega Dreamcast, the SegaSaturn, and the X-Box. Getting all of these consoles connected to one main display - with the help of my receiver unit - has never been an easy task. Not that it's any real hard work or anything. It's just a major hassle trying to get to the back of the entertainment center to make sure that everything will look neat by the time everything is done. I like being able to access my consoles whenever I want to access them but I surely don't enjoy the back-end process of accomplishing that.

Those consoles have been sitting quietly in there, waiting to be played.

The seedier part of my game room.

So I forced myself to get it done yesterday. It did take me almost the entire day because I just had to stop myself many times in between. Getting the wires to where they needed to be - which meant keeping track of all the other wires in the direct vicinity - was a very cumbersome task and sometimes, my brain just couldn't take it anymore! Now, all but one of those additional consoles listed in the previous paragraph have been "installed" and ready for use at my very discretion. I have decided to put away the import Nintendo GameCube though since I do have a Nintendo Wii to play all of my GameCube titles. This does mean that I will not be able to easily play the 12 import games that I have for that console. Since I hardly ever play them these days, I think I will be okay with this decision for now. Putting away that system also means that I will not be able to play my Game Boy games on the big screen via the GameCube's Game Boy Player attachment. This was the main reason why my GameCube was hooked up in the first place after the Wii purchase but I am happy with the way these games look on the Nintendo DS so no big loss there.

Retire in peace my GameCube... May your services be called upon again.

Hookup dilemma: Should I connect those component cables here or on the receiver?
I opted to keep the top section of the entertainment center clear so the receiver it is
even though this resulted in more button presses to switch between the multiple videos.

I was considering to "re-activate" my Nintendo 64 and my Sega Genesis/Sega CD - a decision that would surely bring me more painful wire/cable management headache - but I am going to wait on that for now because I am currently planning to turn a small section of my house into a "Retro" corner for the older gaming systems.

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