Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Borderlands - Me So Zombie!

The zombies have arrived on Pandora! Borderlands' first downloadable expansion pack, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned has finally hit the Personal Computer today after much delay. The price is, unfortunately, similar to the amount it was sold for on the consoles - $9.99. If you like to kill some zombies in your Borderlands, click here to get to Gearbox Software's online store to purchase the expansion. Be prepared to be patient though - it's a 1+ Gig download! Next up - a patch that will really fix the crashing problem in the game. We are really looking forward to that, Gearbox.

Update Note: 10:08pm - While trying to install the expansion, I got an error indicating that Borderlands version 1.10 or higher is necessary for the installation. The new patch can be found here. Will this patch be able to fix the game's crashing issue? Stay tuned.
Update Note: It didn't fix the crashing issue for me but the fan fix still works.

The game is fun enough as it is...
But you know things get spicier when you have zombies to kill.

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