Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins - Personality Conflict

Not long ago, I have come to a realization that creating a new character before I actually finish playing Dragon Age: Origins is a bad idea. Well, now I have completely abandoned my mage character and I am now 27 hours into my dual-wielding warrior princess. The funny thing is that this late character-switching happened before with Mass Effect on the X-Box 360 where I played as one character mid-way through only to discover that I really didn't enjoy my character build so I created a fresh character that I used to complete the game. The content completion in the "Heroic Accomplishments" screen is now showing up as 33% across all characters - I was able to discover so many things that I missed out on while I was playing my first character. Playing the game again from the beginning brought out some nice subtleties to the gameplay mechanics and believe it or not, the game now plays a lot better than it did before. By the way, I did create 2 more characters too and I played each of those through their origin quests. The amazing thing about that last bit is that I actually plan on leveling up those characters soon! But my focus is definitely to get to the end with the warrior so that I can proceed to writing my final thoughts on this magnificent game.

I have come to love both of my creations but alas I have to remain focused.

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