Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bad Execution: X-Box 360 Avatar Pets

Okay, I will admit that when I first learned that the X-Box 360's Avatar Marketplace is now selling pets, I was thrilled. I will never, ever spend points on clothing items or any of the other fancy accessories but pets? That's just too adorable to ignore. So I finally went online to check it out tonight and I was extremely disappointed. At 240 points, I expect the pet to stay permanently next to my avatar but unfortunately, it's just a simple animation routine! Stupid! Just like all of the other non-clothing items, this "add-on" only appears briefly at random intervals on your avatar. So let's say that you purchased a cat, it would pop up from thin air, does something with your avatar briefly and then disappears. It would then appear again, doing the same animation routine. I would gladly pay for an avatar pet if it would just stay next to my avatar, doing its own thing while interacting with my avatar every now and then. I feel so cheated by this because I was so excited about the idea in the first place... It's not too late to fix this, Microsoft.

Cute idea... But it just doesn't work.

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