Saturday, December 19, 2009

Direct2Drive: Finally... A Purchase!

Direct2Drive's 24 Days of Christmas deal of the day for yesterday was Trine, the extraordinarily beautiful medieval platformer from Frozenbyte. I would have purchased this game a long time ago for the Personal Computer if not for me wanting to wait and see how the PlayStation 3 version of it would fare. After discovering that the PS3 version is stuck at 720p, I planned to get the game for the PC. It's been somewhat abandoned on the Purchase List and yesterday was a very busy day for me - not to mention that I also retired for the night earlier than usual - so even though I knew Trine was available for only $9.99, I only purchased it today 4 minutes before the sale expired! Yeah, I almost missed it. Well, at least I am getting a game out of this long-winded sale event.

Of wizards, rogues, warriors, and creepy undead.

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