Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gasp! Your Majesty!

Before I went to bed last night, I downloaded the demo for Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim for the Personal Computer. Apparently, I had this game listed on my Purchase List and the odd thing was, I completely dismissed the sale of the game when it popped up not too long ago via Direct2Drive's 24 Days of Christmas offer. I would say my Purchase List is getting a bit out of hand - it's just way too long - that sometimes I can't even recall games that I have listed there. But that is actually the main idea behind its creation: the list is supposed to remember games that I am interested in when my own brain fails me. Going through it last night and actually stumbling into Majesty 2 on it, I knew there has to be a valid reason why this game was listed there. So I installed and played the demo this morning and I now know that I have missed a great opportunity to buy this game. Majesty 2 is basically a strategy game that plays more like a city-simulation. You build up your lands, train soldiers, gather resources - the typical thing you'd do in a game like this. What really attracted me to this game is that you don't control your hero units directly. Instead, you get to assign quests and rewards to get them to do your bidding. For some odd reason, the process of attaching a bounty on a creature's head and then seeing my heroes do his or her thing independently is incredibly fun for me. Too bad about the sale. Maybe next time.

Watching your heroes battling out enemies is a lot of fun.

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