Friday, December 4, 2009

PS3 Bayonetta Demo - No Climax!

The X-Box 360 "First Climax" demo of the upcoming Bayonetta has made me into a 200% geeky-witch fan. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 3 version of the demo fails to impress. Just like what I have heard from my Japanese friends, the PS3 version of this game is so poor compared to the 360 version, Sega should really be sued for the discrimination. The best analogy that I can come up with to compare the two is this: The PS3 Bayonetta is like the PlayStation 2's Ratchet & Clank games while the 360 version is like that series' PS3 sequels. I am not exaggerating. While there is this illustrious clarity and luster to the game's graphics on the 360, everything looks muddy on the PS3. The lower texture resolutions don't help either and the choppy frame rate made the whole thing worse. As if things weren't bad enough already, the surround sound mix is muffled on the PS3 as well. I played through the 360 demo several times and with each play through, the level of excitement was high. The ugliness of the PS3 port really took away any of my previous joy and admiration for this game. For those who have the option to get the 360 version, do so with confidence. For those who don't, I'm really, really sorry. I recommend waiting for the PC version if you have a gaming PC because I would hate to see anyone paying any money to buy such a wretched incarnation of the game. Just remember, it's not that the PS3 is not capable of running this game perfectly... Sega is just being moronic like its usual self these days.



Blake said...

k, just finished playing the Bayonetta Demo on the PS3.

1)Not knowing what the graphics are like on the Xbox or PC, I didn't notice the graphics being sub-par. They looked like a REGULAR PS3/Xbox game. I'm sure if I was too compare the look of the game on all systems I would defiantly see a difference.

But seeing the demo, my first response wasn't,"this game looks bad".

2).The game play is fun and hectic, like the devil may cry series. So I can see it taking some time to master the moves and make it seem like I am actually controlling the chaos that is happening in front of me.

3)That being said, I do not like the over feel of the game. The style of the game, the ladies head is tiny. That was really the first thing I noticed,"God, look how small her head is!"

The music, that constant ..arrg, I can't stand that type of music. The style of the game, it's just tooooo much japan-anime. The over the top clothing,the look of the main character, the odd music and singing, the elaborate moves with symbols and swirls reminded me of a Digimon fight. It felt like I was watching a made for TV anime.

And its because of that big over tone of the game that I really don't like it.

I played 5-7 min into the game and I just didn't have the interest to even finish it. I continued to fight through it, but the music continued ...ak...I just...its just not "MY" type of game.

A simple resounding, "no thank you" after playing the demo.

Loner Gamer said...

Try out the X-Box 360 demo and be amazed at the graphical difference but it sounds like you already had enough of the game. The PlayStation 3 version doesn't look bad if it's the only version of the game available. This is why I use the Ratchet & Clank analogy. The PlayStation 2 Ratchet & Clank games are some of the prettiest on that console (they still look darn good even compared to today's standards) but the sequels on the PlayStation 3 are prettier. The harsh difference in quality for Bayonetta between the two consoles is definitely one of the worst crimes to ever be committed by a developer releasing the same game on two different systems. After seeing the 360 version, there is no way I can stomach playing the PS3 version.

Now that you mention it, the game is very Japanese in its overall flavor, something that would not sit well with you as I can now recall :)