Monday, December 7, 2009

PS3 Bayonetta - Gamist's Revenge

There may not seem to be a lot of activities in the comment section of the PS3 Bayonetta Demo - No Climax! article that I posted last week but this is because a lot of the action is going on behind the scene. It didn't take long before the article was published that I received a handful of hateful emails over the past couple of days about my "bias" towards the X-Box 360. The contents of these emails contain no valid arguments nor even any sign of rationality. Instead, the term "360 fanboy" was thrown at me more times than I could count alongside many other nasty slurs and curse words. Some accused me of being blind. Many argued that I didn't even play the PlayStation 3 demo and that I may not even own a PS3 at all. It is apparent that these readers are new to the site and they apparently don't know what I am all about when it comes to video games. The article struck a nerve and that lead to immediate email retaliations. Perhaps all of these are just the works of one person with many email accounts? Funny how my article about 2009 being the year of the PS3 didn't bring me much admiration nor love.

Am I a fanboy? Well, we all know that is not true. I choose the actual game before the platform in which the game is published. Whichever that platform happens to be that contains the best possible option for a specific game for me, that would be the version of the game that I would buy. Thus, I bought Dragon Age: Origins for the Personal Computer vs. the 360 just for argument's sake. I don't like that word "fanboy". I prefer to call gamers who put consoles before games as "gamist" because of their similarity to being "racist" - very interchangeable. Those who don't care about favoring a specific console, I playfully name our kind as "poly-gamist".

Bottom line: Graphically, the PS3 version of the Bayonetta Demo is drastically inferior compared to the 360 version - oh, bring on more hate emails. Compared to the 360 version, it's ugly. If you think that the PS3 version is extremely beautiful and has no flaws, you will not say the same thing after you have actually tried out the 360 version. It's funny that these gamist even attempted to argue this point when I have played both demos and they have only played the PS3 demo. I wish I have a good piece of hardware to capture the differences between the two but I have found this page on to help everyone see what I am talking about and click here for their specific analysis, complete with videos. There are rumors that Sega and Platinum Games are working to ensure that when the North American release of the PS3 version is finally out, it's going to look exactly the same as the 360 version. Even that in itself solidifies the fact that there are graphical discrepancies between the two versions. I will believe the graphical improvements when I see them. I doubt that it will happen though: Remember Resident Evil 5?

When a game is not made equally across the platforms that are capable of handling that game, the victims of such horror are all of us. Blame the developer for the poor resource management.

Why so much hate? You can still buy it for the PS3, you know?


Blake said...

You get hate mail?? Now that is a following.

I wouldn't worry about it, no matter what you say, someone will always have an argument against it.

The sky is blue, and there will be someone there to say you are a F#G for thinking such a stupid thing.

Especially if they read or follow you in any sort of way. I mean I follow your articles and there are a few that I disagree with, but that is what makes a healthy gaming community. To have discussions on why they dislike or like certain gaming aspects.

To come out and start throwing names around is just a sign of immaturity. I know you are but what am I, repeat for infinity.

Loner Gamer said...

Yes, we can't all agree about everything - except peace and freedom - or this world would be so boring.

I was pretty surprised that these people actually took the time and effort to share their negative feelings towards me. Well, with Bayonetta being so very popular, I suppose there are people who take the game very, very, very seriously. Especially when they are gamist. At least none of the emails contain any death threats!