Monday, December 7, 2009

New Game Alert!

My order of Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 for the X-Box 360 is finally here and it is... Oh, so glorious! Gosh, waiting for UPS Ground delivery was a major pain. Before the night's end, I will be sending a very personal thank you email to Cave for being so thoughtful of their Western fans by making this game region-free and playable on any X-Box 360. I really hope that the number of sales will justify to them that they cannot ignore the North American market anymore for all of the future home releases of their shoot-'em-ups.

The X-Box 360 saves this year's best surprise for last thanks to Cave.

The first print run of the game comes with a download code for Version 1.01 which contains the original bullet patterns from the first iteration of the game. Lovely! When I checked the popular online import stores today, I noticed that they have ran out of copies from the first print. If you still haven't ordered this game, make sure you do so quickly before the batch from the next print run is sold out!

The DLC code works perfectly as well and I have downloaded Version 1.01!

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