Monday, May 31, 2010

Would You Like Some Supper or Some Super?

Today is Memorial Day and like usual, it's observed by me and my significant other with a barbecue gathering. This year, something different was added into the mix: My significant other surprised me with a game offer. How that's triggered by today's event, I don't know but I can't complain! So we both sat in front of the computer looking for a good video game deal - most of the time, I don't take full advantage of an offer like this one with expensive games. So I decided on Super Street Fighter IV for the X-Box 360. I was going to wait for the Personal Computer version of this, which at this time is rumored to come out late this year alongside the arcade version but the recent discovery of cross-platform failure has truly shifted my perspective in regards to the matter. Add the shockingly small amount of players on the PC version of Blur, perhaps paying a bit extra to play on the console may not be such a bad idea after all - $20 is still a heck of a price difference though. When I first bought Street Fighter IV last year, I got the PlayStation 3 version and that version was missing a number of background details as I have discovered while playing the PC version. It is reported that none of these have been corrected on Super for the PS3, thus me getting it for the 360. My copy should be arriving in a couple of days. Thanks for the game, honey!

Shouldn't vanilla Street Fighter IV be taken off the market by now?
I mean, would people really say "Oh look, the regular is $10 cheaper, let's get that!"?

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