Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blur Online a Tad Blurred

I spent a couple of hours playing the online mode for Blur that I just picked up on Friday. The online experience is definitely really smooth and a lot of fun but the problem that this game is facing right now, at least for this Personal Computer version, is the small community. During the whole time I was online, the game fluctuated between a total of 80 to 150 players. Perhaps many are still playing the single player mode. The level up system is separated between single player and online multiplayer and I am sure that it's not something that everyone is aware of when they first started the game. I bet that the servers are packed full of people on the consoles. I just hope that things will pick up for this game on the PC, especially with it being available on Steam.

Check out the player count on the top right hand corner.

As a side note, though the port is seemingly solid at a technical standpoint, developer Bizarre Creations missed the mark in correcting certain important things on the PC version. The on-screen display doesn't show the X-Box 360 input configuration even when you are using it. Instead, you'll see the keyboard input keys just like Split/Second. This of course can lead to some minor frustrations when you are trying to navigate through the layered game menus. Secondly, the players cannot select a picture to represent themselves in the game. I have seen screenshots of the console versions and the boxes that are generically showing the human silhouette here on the PC would be filled with with your profile picture on the X-Box 360 and the avatar icon on the PlayStation 3. Slightly disappointing.

Notice the sad and "empty" picture boxes on the top left hand corner.


Aaron Brown said...

The servers aren't as packed as you would think on the 360. The most I've seen on at once was like 1300 and last night while I was playing there were only 600ish. I thought there'd be way more

Loner Gamer said...

Interesting. 600 isn't too bad though but true, one would expect the number to be higher. The last time I went online on the PC version, there were less than 50 players.