Friday, May 14, 2010

The Truth About PC Live Multiplayer

I was shocked today when I found out that Street Fighter IV for the Personal Computer that uses Microsoft's Live network does not support cross-platform online play between the PC and the X-Box 360. I always assumed that all Live-enabled PC games have this ability and the PC versions of Lost Planet, Shadowrun, and Universe at War: Earth Assault do. Actually, not all of them have this ability! A friend of mind invited me to play Street Fighter IV earlier this evening and we both tried to invite each other into a private game and I got this:

That's just dumb.

I have encountered this screen before when I was trying to play a Culdcept Saga online match with a friend of mine who is living in Japan. Basically, the console/server recognizes the two regional versions of Culdcept Saga as two different games and the same is the case here with trying to connect the console version of SFIV with the PC version of the game. It's easy enough to find others to play SFIV with online on the PC - though currently, the community is very small because of the arrival of Super Street Fighter IV - and the PC version that I own is definitely graphically superior than the console versions but this new revelation really made me upset. It is just very idiotic to use the Live network but then limit the users from being able to connect between the two platforms. I am not going to support this atrocity anymore. If a PC game is Live-enabled, I will expect cross-platform functionality. If it's not there, then I will get the game for the X-Box 360. The only problem with this is that I really do prefer cheaper prices and superior graphics. Still, stupidity must not be encouraged at all cost.

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