Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Game Alert: 100X the Fun Edition!

The game is so good, it should have been called Söldner-XXX!

Waiting for Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype to show up on the PlayStation Network Store today was a real pain since Sony took their sweet time with the update and the game didn't become available until later this evening. I was expecting it to show up early in the morning. Thank the galaxy I was able to play a couple of games of Culdcept Saga online while I was waiting for the game's arrival.

One of the best shmup bosses ever? Without a single doubt!

Well, it's finally here and all I can say is that this game is amazing. It definitely is the best looking side scrolling shoot-'em-up to date, running at 1080p and featuring some of the most impressive looking 2D effects as well as some remarkably solid 3D graphics. This sequel is light years beyond Himmelssturmer with a revamped weapon and power-up chaining system. My main gripe about the original is the laborious weapon management where you have to constantly pick up energy to juice up your weaponry. Here, you will never run out of weapons and the power up will continually increase the effectiveness of the weapons. Another major change is the power-up chains: In the first game, once you have filled up your chain meter, you actually have to switch weapons to release the bonus power up and you are forced to stick to only one weapon type per chain charge attempt. Here, it is released automatically, giving you the freedom to use the most effective weapon for the current situation at hand. Of course the real star here is the game's drastic change from a flawed random bullet mess of a shooter into a zen-like precision-dodging bullet pattern extravaganza. Rains of beautiful bullets constantly filled the screen like it's a Cave game but of course the bullets in this game are much easier to dodge but perhaps that will not be the case once the higher difficulties are unlocked. I cannot stop playing Final Prototype several times over already. If you are a fan of the genre, this game is a must have. SideQuest Studios, welcome to the big league.


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