Monday, May 3, 2010

FUELed with Rage

Valve has yet to resolve the "Failed to contact key server" error that has befallen Fuel that was offered as a weekend special on the Steam client last Friday. I am a victim of this problem myself and it is frustrating that I am still unable to play the game after close to 4 days after purchase. Though I strongly believe that those who are affected by this embarrassing screw up should be compensated for the wait, I am not about to flood the official forum with idle treats and whiny complaints. If I was serious about getting reimbursed for the $3.74 that I paid for the game, I would have contacted Valve directly but I am willing to wait this out a bit more because of how cheap the price of the game was. My patience is running low though so they better be working on getting those license keys replenished quickly.

Though I know it's not funny, I get a few chuckles from reading Steam's Fuel forum.

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