Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Game of the Day

Alien Hominid (2004)
Developer: The Behemoth
Platform: PlayStation 2
Induction Date: 2004

If you are a tree hugger, I am sure you won't appreciate a mechanical bee.

I don't know much about Alien Hominid's humble beginnings at the Newgrounds website but what I do know is that the game is a great shoot-'em-up! You play as a cute little yellow alien whose spaceship crash landed on earth. It is then faced with insurmountable obstacles on his way to reclaim his spaceship and his freedom. The game is a run and gun shooter and is sweet mix of Konami's Contra series and SNK's Metal Slug series. There are even some flying sections in the game though unfortunately, it's not as great as the rest of the action. Alien Hominid is easy to get into but can be very difficult to master. All the bosses are quite nasty before you figure out their attack patterns and death can come so easily even while fighting against regular enemies because of how fast and sudden the bullets can travel towards you. Though it's obvious that the developer infused some comedy into the game, for me it feels more light-hearted rather than downright funny - their next game, Castle Crashers however is a different story. Alien Hominid also includes some mini games and a "PDA" game. The latter is a throwback to the old classic platformer formula and it even comes with a level editor that allows the players to create their own devious levels. This game was later released on the X-Box 360 but for me, there is really no reason to buy it again.

LIBRARY STATUS: 4 out of 5

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