Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Adventure of Lonie Ganer

I have decided to post some of the gameplay footage on YouTube of me playing Culdcept on the PlayStation 2 today. At first, I was just going to use my old save date but since the name of the character in my game is similar to my actual X-Box 360 and PlayStation 3 gamertag, I have decided to play the game from the very beginning. I don't like to share those willy-nilly with everyone but those who are genuinely interested in communicating with me on those gaming platforms. I plan to record footage of me playing the game until the end using my new character, Lonie Ganer. The challenge here is that since she's completely new, I do not have access to my previous unlocked cards and custom decks. The real purpose behind this is to give the game more visibility in the YouTube gaming community since I cannot hardly find any gameplay footage of the game there - unless you love listening to an annoying voice while watching the game. While playing this game today, I am reminded yeat again how much I adore the card battle animations in this version of the game compared to Culdcept Saga on the X-Box 360. Though the cards themselves look blurry and lack the clarity found in Saga, the way they attack, react to those attacks, and how they get destroyed are just plain slick and entertaining! This whole Lonie Ganer exercise is going to be lengthy side project but hopefully, it will be able to show people how incredible Culdcept truly is.

Pan got clubbed right in the crotch and he immediately recoiled in pain! Ouch!

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