Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Game Alert: I Like Broccoli Edition!

I must really be in the mood for racing games because last night (that's several hours ago), I picked up Blur for the Personal Computer. This game didn't interest me much when I first saw it but after watching an online session of the game on today, I was hooked. While Split/Second is an evolution of kart racers, Blur is more of a tweak to the well-established formula. It's touting itself as the "mature" version of a kart racer because of its usage of real world locations and cars - you should check out the official site and watch how the game mocks the cute kart racers using a character named "Brock Lee" - but all of the basic elements are here: the crowded circuits, the weapon pick-ups, and the arcade thrills. I have only played one race so far and it is definitely fun - not as great as Split/Second though. This game hardly pushes the boundaries when it comes to its graphics and my PC handles the maximum settings with ease. I am going to try out the online mode tomorrow.

The "Brock Lee" skits will even turn hardcore vegans into meat eaters.

ModNation Racers will have to wait a while longer.

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