Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rocket Knight PlayStation 3 Demo

Rocket Knight is finally out on the PS3 and since the demo is made available on the PlayStation Store, I thought I would test it out. The demo of Rocket Knight on the X-Box 360 was disappointing compared to the Personal Computer version. This PS3 release however suffers a much worse fate. Though it can be played at 1080p resolution, I really doubt that it was native because everything looks extremely blurry. The 360 version may contain some slowdown when too many things are happening on the screen but on the PS3, the frames per second are locked at a much, much lower rate. Though there is no slowdown on the PS3, the game looks extremely sluggish and the scrolling of the screen is definitely jerky. Don't get stuck with the PS3 version!

Climax Studios, what do you have against the PS3?

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