Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Very Interesting Culdcept Evening

It's around 11:30 pm and I have been playing Culdcept Saga online for the last 6 hours. I was very surprised to find a number of available games to join in this evening. Since I don't have a casual sparring partner, I would usually visit the mostly empty online lobby every so often when I am playing the game to see if there are any random strangers waiting for their opponents there. The evening started off with a disappointing find when I stumbled upon this alliance match:

Notice anything strange about this match?

You're guessed right! The match duration at the bottom right hand corner indicates that the game only lasts the minimum 10 rounds and when I checked the player's profile, apparently, he hasn't unlocked the "alliance match" achievement. This was a chie/phie run. I almost joined in the game but thank the galaxy that I remember to read the fine prints before jumping into anything. Then, things started to get better. I was able to join a free for all 4-player match. It lasted around an hour and a half and I did so poorly in it - I got third place out of four. After that, things got even better! I found another free for all 4-player match! This match is perhaps the most intense Culdcept experience I have ever experienced! All the 3 opponents have really challenging decks that seeming compliment each other in their effort to reduce land territory. It was a really close game but mid-way through, the opponents in fourth place was able to turn things around and moved himself into first place. Unfortunately, the other two opponent gave up and they both disconnected from the game, leaving the two of us and the A.I. replacements. Here is the result:

I won but not by much and we played through the maximum number of rounds.

Pay attention to the date and time indicator on the top right hand corner.
Yes, the match lasted for about 4 and a half hours!

If you look at the red player in the chart above, he was dominating the second half of the game and at one point, he exceeded the goal of 9,000 mana. But I am a true Cepter and in a game of Culdcept, it is never over until it is over. Wow... I am so glad that I have regained my interest in playing this game again. One of the most fun gaming nights ever!

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