Sunday, May 16, 2010

Loner in Spectator Mode

I have been doing some heavy duty Culdcept Saga over the past several days. I am afraid that the Cepter within me has re-emerged at full force and I feel like I don't want to play anything but Culdcept Saga. I have been doing a lot of deck experimentation, trying out strange deck structures and then testing them out against some random opponents or willing friends - whoever is available first - or just playing against the computer when they are not around. I have already accepted the reality of my situation when it comes to finding another friendly player to battle with online - not a lot of them out there - and the renewed interest in deck customization is what keeps me going with the game.

Behold! My favorite new look!

My passion for Culdcept resulted in that previous paragraph because that little section was not the reason why I am writing this entry. I wanted to actually write about my recent discovery of, a website that hosts live streams. I found it more intriguing than YouTube because you can actually watch things live. Of course, the only channels that I am interested in are the gaming channels. Though these channels also have recordings from previous sessions, it's the live gameplay that fascinates me the most. There is a little chat box next to the live stream where people can chat about the ongoing gameplay. It's filled with a lot of jerks for sure but it's very interactive and fun nonetheless. As much as I love playing video games, I also love watching others play them, especially the fact that I am the only one who plays video games in my household. Watching recorded gameplay footage is somehow different than watching these live streams. Perhaps because these live streams really reminded me of that time so long ago during my teenage years when I would visit the local arcades or the game stores not just for the opportunity to play games, but also the opportunity to just watch other people play video games. I have been watching live streams of Super Street Fighter IV ranked matches as well as League of Legends battles. The bad thing about this is that because they are so engaging to watch, I may be spending too much time watching versus playing. Perhaps that's just a part of being a well-rounded gamer.

Watching this is more fun than beating up infinite Kens online.

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