Monday, May 24, 2010

An Intricate Booby Trap... But For Who?

I had a rather peculiar Culdcept Saga match earlier this evening. The reason why I said this is because of the way this individual portrayed him/herself prior to the match,. I met this person during a 4 player free for all match last week. Soon after the match, I received an friend request from this person and I assume that it's an invitation for many future Culdcept battles and since beggars can't be choosers, I accepted the request. A couple of nights later, I received an actual invitation to a match. The game got disconnected due to server error after the first few rounds and when I asked for another round of play, the person informed me that he/she needs to go back to story mode so that he/she could unlock more cards and more stages. I guess this person was trying to tell me that he/she is "new" to the game.

Then tonight, we finally got together again after the person sent me a strange message asking me if I wouldn't mind playing with him/her because he/she had just made a new deck that needed to be experimented with. I really didn't understand why this explanation was even necessary - I will play a game of Culdcept with anyone who is willing to do so. It's obvious that this person wants me to know that he/she is a novice. Once I got into the game, I was greeted with a rather advanced deck, very tricky and clever. I was able to win the game in the end with double my opponent's mana points. Then, I got a "sore loser" message indicating that if he/she knew I was going to bring the kind of deck I used for the battle, things would have been turned completely around. At this point, it became obvious to me that this individual is preying on new players and that this person him/herself is not a mere novice - especially with his/her technical description of the deck that I used. Perhaps the fact that I have recently blocked my achievement details from everyone had ruined this person's dirty tactic. I then looked at the person's gamertag and noticed that it's brand spanking new with hardly any achievements from Culdcept Saga nor any other games. I have a feeling that this new account is created just so that the individual could surprise unsuspecting opponents. I don't go into a person's Culdcept background just to play a game with that individual. I guess with only the hardcore players left playing the game, it may be hard for this individual to find an easy win? One thing is for sure: This kind of behavior is going to discourage new players from trying out the game online.

Another reason why this game is best played with the people you know.

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