Thursday, February 18, 2010

The ZZZ in Super Street Fighter IV

So more characters have been recently unveiled to star in the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV for the PlayStation 3 and the X-Box 360 (no announcement on the Personal Computer version yet) but am I the only person who finds the whole occasion uneventful? From the 9 additional cast members that will join those found in the original game, only one of them is a totally new fighter - a boring one at that - and supposedly there will be another original fighter that will be revealed soon. It is nice to see favorites from Street Fighter III like Ibuki and Makoto being added in but if you really think about it... you have already played them before! And for those who haven't - a total shame because SFIII is far superior to SFIV - don't you feel cheated that Capcom is taking an easy way out in creating new fighters? Capcom didn't even bother giving them a new brand new look but I guess that's consistent with the lame visual treatment that was given to the old characters that are already in the game before.

The jury is in: Juri is a lame character. Still, I rather have
10 brand-spanking new characters like her than any of the oldies.

I really don't understand it. When SFIII first came out, it was incredibly exciting because the game was filled with brand new characters. The magic of discovering techniques and attack patterns of those characters was amazing, replicating that feel of playing Street Fighter II for the first time. With SFIV and SSFIV, there is no surprise anymore and SFIV is pretty much a Street Fighter II Redux. Granted, SFIV is fun and ever since I revisited it on the PC, I began to like it a little bit more but it is hardly the best Street Fighter. If Capcom is going to continue down this path of laziness, expect them to release Super Street Fighter IV Turbo or Hyper Street Fighter IV sometime next year. I mean, they still have quite a number of characters from the Street Fighter universe that they can add into the game like Eagle, Birdie, Sodom, Rolento... Should I go on? The funny part about this whole thing is that though most people are excited about the additional characters who are coming the SSFIV, it's not like they are going to play anyone else besides Ken anyway. It's going to be a very long wait for Street Fighter V by the look of things.


Blake said...

I feel completely different about it. When Street Fighter 3 came out I was kinda upset about all these new characters, some i liked, others I couldn't have been bothered with. Example, I don't remember Makoto at all, that's how much of a impact it had on me.

I enjoy seeing the old characters done in the new style, I be perfectly happy with the entire list of all SF characters redone in the current style.

Then if you want to throw some new ones in, then by all means, go ahead. I'm not a hardcore SF fan by no means, but I am enjoying the new art style of the current rendition.

I would like to see Dark stalkers handled this way, hell, give me Marvel Vs Street Fighter like this and I be happy has pig in shit.:)

Great Post!

Loner Gamer said...

"I be perfectly happy with the entire list of all SF characters redone in the current style."

Oh don't worry, I am sure Capcom will be so happy to oblige with the next version after Super Street Fighter IV or maybe the version after next one. Wait a minute, well, maybe the version after the next two versions? I'm sure you get my drift.

I suppose it's not going to be hard for them to make Street Fighter V either - all they have to do is just update the graphics and put everyone else back into the game and tada! I think that's probably what's going to happen. Just like the Virtua Fighter and the Tekken series I suppose. Just add graphical updates and minor gameplay and roster changes and people will be happy.