Thursday, February 4, 2010

BioWare's Bio-Break?

When BioWare introduced their new Social Network website with Dragon Age: Origins last year, I thought it was a pretty cool idea. I am no achievement slut nor am I a trophy whore but the integration of achievements and gameplay stats into the player profile on the website is an interesting idea, especially when you are curious about your friends' progress in the game. With the release of Mass Effect 2, it's disappointing to discover that the stats update treatment that Origins received is blatantly absent from the game. This means that the achievements you have unlocked can only be reviewed via the game client. BioWare started something promising with the site for Personal Computer gamers even though those who own the X-Box 360 or the PlayStation 3 version of Origins can also find their data updated to the site. The data showcase could have evolve to include future games under the Electronic Arts banner if even if they are released as "Game for Windows Live" products. I guess BioWare and EA are just not interested in creating a more robust online feature for their PC gamers. What a wasted opportunity.

A Mass Effect 2 player stats page would have been nice.

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