Friday, February 26, 2010

The Glory and Shame of Kratos

With the release of the PlayStation 3's God of War III just merely less than a month away, it's good to see that Sony has made the game's demo available on the PSN Store. The 2+ Gig demo only contains roughly about 10 - 15 minutes of gameplay but as a fan of the series, it was enough to make the wait for the game even more unbearable than before.

Sorry, but that background looks so PS2...

The demo is based on what was released for the E3 event last year and I surely hope that the graphics that I am seeing are going to be much improved: some of the 2D backdrops look flat and though the in-game models look detailed, the game doesn't seem to be that huge of a jump from the previous games in the series when it comes to the graphical impact it has on the senses - definitely a compliment to just beautiful the prequels are. The worse visual offense here is that the game runs at 720p. This is quite embarrassing. This curse seems to be prevalent in all of Sony's big releases with Heavy Rain being the latest in the PS3's unfulfilled true HD promise. The GoWIII demo is still great fun nonetheless: the battle system is as responsive as ever and the over-embellished gore makes the special kills more enthralling than before. March 16th is going to be a day of celebration for PS3 owners - especially if the graphical disappointments are addressed by then.

The most brutal decapitation in a video game ever!


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