Monday, February 15, 2010

New Game Alert!

Because of some unfortunate set of circumstances, my significant other and I were not able to really spend much time celebrating Valentine's Day yesterday but we were able to spend some quality time together later on in the evening. But of course there is nothing more romantic than spending some time with the person you love browsing the contents of the PlayStation Store which is exactly what happened to me last night but it was at my partner's behest nonetheless. I was able to get several game add-ons from this as well as one full title: PixelJunk Shooter for the PlayStation 3. I was able to play a little bit of the game last night: It is a cute little shooter where you travel down into the bowels of a planet rescuing trapped explorers while manipulating the flow of water and lava to ensure a safe passage for your ship. It's really fun and of course I didn't really have the time to get this particular purchase updated to the site last night.

So that's two games purchased this Valentine's Day.
Maybe I should consider turning this into a yearly tradition...

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