Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh, How I Hate Trilogies

After abandoning Mass Effect 2 for nearly a week, I went back to play the game today up to its completion. I must say that the overall experience is amazing and I will be writing a review on the game shortly. I am a bit infuriated over the fact that it's going to take several years before the arrival of the next and final installment in the series.

A job well done, Commander!

I hate waiting... The main reason behind this is that I understand how fragile life is. We take into granted how precious time really is. Everyday, we live our lives as if life is going to last forever. It's only natural I suppose - if we worry about these things every single instant, it would only be unproductive. When I think about waiting, my mind would normally wander into a dark place. Instead of dwelling in there for too long, let me just say that I hope that I can see the conclusion to my Commander Ingrid Shepard's epic intergalactic adventure. Gosh, I remember feeling this way about Shion and KOS-MOS during the first two games in the Xenosaga series. But please, all of you game developers out there, no more gaming trilogies - ever!

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