Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Dreamcast Moment

Because I don't play my Sega Dreamcast that often, the internal clock of the console kept resetting to the default time whenever I turned it on. Last night, I have decided to fix the clock and set it to the correct date and time. When the console loaded up the main screen it finally hit me. I have owned this console for 10+ years. I purchased it sometime in August of 1999 - my first Dreamcast is a Japanese import. The console had been out in Japan for close to a year and it was about to officially launch in North American launch but I still decided to get the import version because of the many Japanese exclusives that I wanted to get my hands on. I was completng my undergraduate studies when the console first appeared in Japan and as a student, I didn't have a lot of cash to buy it back then. I did eventually get the North American Dreamcast later on, twice actually because the first one ended up being stolen during a daytime break-in. The second domestic Dreamcast is still with me to this day but it is now sleeping inside its original box, dreaming about its next date with me - Since the creation of the "converter disc" that allows any Dreamcast to play region-locked games, there is no longer a need to have two Dreamcasts hooked up to my entertainment system.

A classy classic.

I'm just remisniscing here. Yes, looking at the main screen with the correct date and time put things into perspective. I love my Dreamcast and I sure hope that this console is going to be able to survive another decade with me.

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Blake said...

I only ever rented this console.
Got my first taste of Dark stalkers here.

Now that's a game that I like to see given the SF4 treatment. I really like the style of that game.