Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Galuda Shipping Tomorrow!

I have received a confirmation tonight that my order of ESPGaluda II Black Label for the X-Box 360 will be shipped out to me tomorrow! At first, I was expecting a longer delay of getting the game because I missed the first shipment allotment mark for my import specialist store. Apparently, the store is able to secure a larger amount of copies than they originally anticipated. Here's the bad thing though: I selected UPS Ground for the shipping like I did with Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 and I am not exactly close to where the shipment will be originating from. I am not made of money you know... The game is expensive enough at $74.90. This means that the wait is still going to be long and I hate waiting. I better find a game that can really suck me in to make me forget about ESPGII entirely... Well, there's always Dragon Age: Origins that I still haven't completed yet but maybe I should make a male Commander Shepard and play him across the two Mass Effect games? Something is telling me that I am going to have a rough week ahead of me!

You don't need to have ESP to know that this game is going to be incredible!

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