Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holy Cow! Like Greased Lightning!

After a patch from the Stardock's Impulse client that I downloaded earlier this morning, I am finally able to play as Oculus - the second new character introduced to Demigod for the Personal Computer. Earlier this year when Demon Assassin became playable, Oculus was only controllable by the A.I. This blind minotaur sits on a floating throne and floats about lazily across the battleground but it is so far the most intriguing Demigod available in the game because of his cool support abilities: being able to provide mana to allies as well as passively buffing them both defensively and offensively. He is even pretty effective as an offensive character himself with his seeker lightning orbs and creeps-decimating chain lightning. It is fun to play as Oculus and he is definitely one of my favorites. So now the game has a total number of 10 characters! I surely hope that there will be more in the works, even if that means that I have to pay to unlock the future additional characters.

Be very afraid of the floating cow!

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