Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scary Game Cover: Cho-Aniki PS2

Okay, we have all seen terrible cover arts for video game cases. They are pretty common and can happen to both big triple-A games as well as low-budget independent games. But to see a truly horrific one that can actually hurt you really deep inside and threaten to take away your sanity is rare. Whenever I find one, I will write about it on this site so that I would not be the only person who had to suffer from the madness of a Scary Game Cover!

Cho-Aniki: Seinaru Protein Densetsu
Developer: X-nauts/Psikyo
Induction Date: 05/25/2004

Remember the hilarious penis controversy with Disney's The Little Mermaid poster? Well, this is the video game equivalent of that because both of them definitely have an unmistakable male genitalia being shown in broad daylight on the artwork of the poster/game cover. The Cho-Aniki series is infamous for its disturbing portrayal of male nudity and its obsession with muscular physiques that would easily send those who are homophobic into their tool sheds, grabbing anything they can to destroy what they are presented to see. It is however an interesting, albeit strange, shooter (no pun intended) and being a shoot-'em-up addict that I am, of course I would have it in my Game Library. The game is filled with uncompromising visions of sexuality but this cover is the ultimate visual assault with an epic level of nastiness that just cannot be accomplished by anything that has ever been shown in the entire series. A quick look at the game cover only reveals two goofy-looking muscle heads smiling at their audience. If you look closer however, you will see a close-up of the faces of same two guys sharing a strange looking straw in the background. If you are wondering where the punchline is, it is right underneath the game's title. Clue: Eruption... WARNING: Do not click and enlarge the cover image above if you do not want to see it. Scary indeed and definitely the dirtiest game cover ever.


Blake said...


I live in a small town and really don't have access to these type of games in the local game shops.

You get your hands on things that look like they can't even be real. Someone made a game like this??! Was it popular?!!, it boggles the mind, I have so many questions.

Loner Gamer said...

The Cho-Aniki games are quite popular among shoot-'em-up connoisseurs. The series has been around for a while and if you do end up with a Nintendo Wii in the future, you can check out the SNES release of the series that is thankfully made available on the Virtual Console for North America.

I get most of my imports from online import stores: the internet is a wonderful place! There used to be a local import store too a while back but it didn't stay in business for too long.