Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Game Alert!

I received my copy of Heavy Rain today. I really did enjoy the game's demo and after playing Mass Effect 2, I am looking forward to another cinematic, plot-driven game. I really don't like the game's cover art. It doesn't bring anything exciting to the title and there doesn't seem to be much thought behind its composition. We all know by now that the game is about four different characters and they are all involved in the "Origami Killer" investigation but that doesn't mean that they have to slap random images of those characters on the game's cover. It think it would have been more successful if they would just enlarge that origami figure, add some details on it and just leave that haunting image at the center of the cover art. Your smallest decisions can change everything, it says on the back of the box. Well, Quantic Dream shouldn't blame anyone else but themselves for setting the expectations high. I just hope that they succeed.

I'm wet for some Heavy Rain. I don't want to catch a cold though.

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