Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys! Again!

Have you been dreaming about loggging into the game screen below?

If you have, well it looks like you may be able to do so in reality providing that you are fast enough to get to this site. I am giving away 3 more beta keys for Heroes of Newerth for the Personal Computer. Gosh, this game has been in beta for too long. The rule is simple: first come, first served. You must write a comment on this article that must include your email address and then follow up with an actual email message to requesting the beta key. I will update this article as the keys are being snatched away. Good luck!

Update Note: 10:36am - First key taken. 2 left!
Update Note: 3:39pm - The second key is gone. One more to go! Max is missing the second step of the process.
Update Note: 4:01pm - I'm out of beta keys!


Anonymous said...

hey can u send me a beta key for heroes of Newerth ? pls i need to play this game xD

Max said...

Hello! cpuld you be so nice to send me a beta key fro HoN? My brother is playing and i want to play to but he has no invites...

Kiro said...

hello from germany :)
I would really appreciate it!

Schmu said...

Hi could you sent me a HoN beta key too. I really heard only good things about the game :)

Anonymous said...

If someone could please send me a key at I would really like to be able to play with my bro