Friday, February 5, 2010

Sonic 4... Ewww!~

It's official. Sega really hates Sonic and Sega really hates Sonic fans. Though it was very obvious that "Project Needlemouse" teaser that stormed the internet a while back with a silhouette of the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog logo was going to be another Sonic game, the official announcement is quite disappointing. Yes, we all want a 2D Sonic but not a BAD 2D Sonic.

Sega just doesn't know how to make a Sonic game anymore...

A new trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 shows the evolution of Sonic from his debut to his future form in the upcoming game - revealing an awkward Sonic with terrible feet animation where he looks like he's merely walking fast instead of running. If you have seen Sonic Rivals, you will immediately notice what I am talking about. Please don't tell me that they are letting the morons at Backbone Entertainment make this game for them! Something's telling me they may have done that... [Update Note: Thankfully, it's been confirmed that the game is being developed by Dimps who was responsible for a number of the handheld Sonic titles - but what is up with the running animation?] And then, the game is going to be an EPISODIC direct download! I don't mind having the game released as a direct download game but EPISODIC? So what does that really mean, Sega? We're only getting two or three stages per release? It doesn't make any sense. It's like the idiots at Sega are not sure that 2D Sonic is the way to go so they want to test the waters first. Then what? The next Episode may end up being 3D if they feel like the 2D-vibe isn't working: it would be easier for them to blame the 2D instead of their own terrible game design or the mistake of choosing the wrong developer. They should really assign the project to Treasure - the game would then turn out incredible. I love my Sonic the Hedgehog but with what I have seen so far, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 seems to be heading towards disaster if Sega is not willing to really work on the game.

The stiff Sonic animation in Sonic 4 is based on the limping Sonic in Sonic Rivals!

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BlueBlur said...

Looks like the best new sonic release will be sonic classic collection. Seriously my heart sank when I saw that 3-D-ish sprite. It was like you said, the running animation it's like rivals. Also I saw the leaked splash hill zone. It doesn't look like it control very well. Sega just hates fans. So sonic license should be forced out of Sega's hand and into Capcom who actually listen to people! They give it to any developer, I'd say platinum games have to make a quality sonic game. Yet at this point might as well just call it:
Sonic R.I.P

This is like the bad future of sonic or what? Honestly if they just stuck to their guns and didn't make that 3-D transition who knows where we'd be. I'll guess it be like the Megaman series and just keep the ball rolling with awesome sonic titles.