Saturday, June 12, 2010

The L.G. Loves Data Install

I started playing Dissidia Final Fantasy for the PlayStation Portable that I just picked up today and I noticed that the game has a "Data Install" option. Installing a portion of the game's data into the memory stick is promised to reduced the loading time in the game. What a brilliant feature. You can't install the whole game into the memory stick but this should be a standard feature for all future PSP games - until Sony decides to go all digital. I miss the game cartridge days when loading time is a non-issue. When video games are in digital download format, I would expect no loading screen whatsoever. The only downside to this "Data Install" process is the lengthy time frame for its completion. There are three different memory allocation you can choose from for the installation and I selected the largest at 500+MB - anything for less load time - and the system warns me that the whole thing will take up to an hour to complete. Yikes! It looks like that estimation is just about right because now at 20 minutes in, the progress bar is only showing a 40% completion.

So when are we going to get the "UMD Install" for the PSP Go?

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