Sunday, June 13, 2010

L.G. vs. Summer Heat = PSP Fail

It's not officially summer yet but it has been really hot over the last couple of weeks. Here's something that you may not know about yours truly when it comes to energy conservation - yeah, this is coming from a guy who has a lot of game consoles hooked up to the wall: I try not to use the air conditioner unit in the summer, which is of course, easier said than done. I have been more successful when it comes to saving money on gas during the winter time because I can tolerate the cold weather pretty well. Heat however is a different story and I was expecting that my new place would able to keep it things cool inside with proper window ventilation. However, both my significant other (who happens to love the heat) and I agreed that it was getting a bit too hot a week ago so we both ran for the thermostat. Unfortunately, we found out that the AC was not working - I think it's the compressor - but lucky for us, there is always a nice strong breeze coming into house that accompanies this scorching heat so we have been using that as a back-up before we fix the AC.

Who needs an expensive energy hoarder when you have one of these, right?

That decision proved to be a fatal one for my PlayStation Portable system however. I had placed it next to the wall underneath one of the opened windows inside my Game Room. One of my heavy Komainu statues that was placed next to the window was knocked down by the heavy gust of wind and it fell right on top of my PSP. I didn't even think that the fall would cause any damage to the unit until later a day or so after the accident. The top right hand corner of the screen has three deep dents on it due to the accident and they can become pretty distracting, especially against bright backgrounds.

I am usually very careful with my PSP...

This is the reason why I now have the PSP-3000 listed in my Purchase List. I really don't care much about its ability to connect to the TV - PSP games do not look great on the big screen - but I know that the newer unit has a better LCD screen that eliminates the ghosting problem found on the launch PSP that I have. This is nothing too crucial however so it's probably going to be a while before I get the PSP replaced. I am still secretly hoping that Sony will release a device that allows UMD discs to be installed on the PSP Go. Maybe my eyes will get used to the dents and I won't notice them after a while. I sure hope so because right now, they are driving me insane!

Always keep your PSP protected... I knew better and I regretted my indecision.

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