Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Surprise Sequel

An unexpected pairing.

It looks like Frozenbyte got a friend in Atlus - it should be easier for them to gain both exposure and monumental profit now. The two are working together to release Trine 2 next year. It is still unclear which platform(s) the game will be available for because the promo generically states that it will be available for digital download - so I am assuming that this would include the normal digital distribution on the Personal Computer as well as the PlayStation Network Store and the X-Box Live Markeplace. Judging from the official trailer, the game still carries the same gorgeous 3D visuals with 2D gameplay from the original. The best feature for this sequel however is the ability to finally play the game in online co-op mode! I look forward to the game's release but I do hope that they are not going to use the recycled character models from the first game in the final product.

That's one wicked looking dragon. Oh heck yeah!

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