Saturday, June 19, 2010

A League of Legends Addiction

Over the past several days, I have been playing a lot of League of Legends and because I am really enjoying the game a lot, I have put aside my desire to purchase Heroes of Newerth... for now! I have never played the game this intensely before and for something that is absolutely free to play, its high replay value is just incredible. Since the beta phase, I always thought that LoL looked terrible compared to HoN - in actuality, the difference is not necessarily the technology, but the artistic style. LoL has a cartoonish World of Warcraft look to it while HoN carries a darker, more mature presentation. After spending more time on LoL, I am beginning to appreciate its visual aesthetics more and more. Then, there are the character artwork - I used to hate them but now, I think that they don't look that bad at all. I can definitely see how Riot Games is able to make their money with this game because some of the alternate looks for the characters are just so crazy and over the top that if you really, really love a champion, you don't have a choice but to buy them - and you can only do so with real cash versus the Influence Points that you can easily accumulate by playing the game.

The alternate skins go from mere color swaps to utter ridiculousness.
Dr. Mundo is a gym rat? That's where he got that buff body from I suppose.

Do I have a favorite character, you ask? Well, I used to play the undead mage Karthus a lot but I have moved on to more of the tank champions these days. I really do enjoy Sion, a murderous decapitated warrior who was reanimated to fight again but I also like Singed, an alchemist who carries a large bottle of poison on his back. Recently though, I am beginning to love Dr. Mundo, a madman who likes to perform cruel experiments on living things. Yeah, I am really digging the back stories of the game's champions and I like how some of them are closely tied to each other's past. There are a lot of thoughts and creativity was involved in the champions' histories. By the way, here's a screenshot of Sion and his disturbing discovery of Evelynn's dead corpse:

Is she really dead? Creepy.

If you have a decent Personal Computer - it doesn't take much to run this game - and you are ready for some fun multiplayer battle arena action, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account by clicking here!


Anonymous said...

Hey man, i forgot to ask you something. During the sony conference, while they was showing a trailer with upcoming titles to psp i think i saw parasite eve trailer before persona. You think they´ll finally release parasite eve for psp?

Loner Gamer said...

Yes, it's the third entry into the Parasite Eve series called The 3rd Birthday. It does look interesting. I like the first game but I thought the second was a bit boring.

Anonymous said...

The second was totally diferent in good ways and bad ways. I agree, this one seems to go back to the first one roots. Looks like prototype with Aya XD