Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PlayStation Firmware v3.40 Update

I installed firmware v3.40 for the PlayStation 3 last night and I don't see what the excitement is all about. You can now publish photos and videos to select social network sites straight from your photo application and the new video editor tool from the Xross Media Bar. This is probably nice for someone who doesn't have a Personal Computer but that simple video editing tool is not going to replace what I already use on the PC right now. What is disappointing is that there is still no application that allows the PS3 to record gameplay footage and capture screenshots from anything played on the system so the data must come from outside sources or from the select number of games with the capture abilities. If all of the PS3's games have that capability, then I would be excited about the system's built-in editing and uploading options. The PlayStation Plus subscription service has also arrived and so far, 2 people on my friend's list have paid for it. I will have to check with them on a continual basis to see if they enjoy what it has to offer them. I personally think that it is a waste of money and it creates an unnecessary divide in the PlayStation community. To learn more about the new firmware, click here.

Well, why can't I just capture videos from all of my PS3 games?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, clearly these functions are an aftertought. I think the rockstar social club is the best.