Thursday, June 24, 2010

L.G. vs. Summer Heat II: Receiver Fever

The minimal usage of the air conditioner in the summer time may be unthinkable to many but it's something that I have been doing for a long time. Between me and my significant other, we would only turn the AC on when the temperature is deathly unbearable. The temperature isn't bad at all this past week, unless you just happen to sit in my Game Room. It's always hot in there because of one thing - my Onkyo receiver. I love my TX-SR674 but it generates heat as if it was a radiator. When I was living in the old apartment, I didn't use the receiver too much due to the noise level - oh how much I don't miss limiting my aural pleasure- so the heat never get to accumulate this badly before and I would use my Sony MDR-DS3000 wireless digital headphones for the most part. I haven't hooked up that device ever since I moved in to this house because I don't need to worry about sensitive neighbors when I'm gaming.

It provides a great surround sound experience and it doubles as a competent heater!

To help manage the heat though, I have the system hooked up to my entertainment system again. Though I don't plan to use it exclusively throughout the summer, reducing the usage of the receiver should make the temperature a lot cooler inside the Game Room since I do spend most of my time there (where else?) while I am home. The great thing about the MDR-DS3000 is that it is able to decode Dobly Digital and DTS signals and simulate the surround sound effectively - sometimes with better detail than my actual 6.1 setup. The console communicates with the wireless headphones via infra-red but it doesn't interfere with the Nintendo Wii. The Pro-Logic II processing on it is not that great though unfortunately but if you are looking for a great digital surround headset, I highly recommend this unit.

I still have to figure out where to properly place it.

I also have an extra pair of the headphones but I don't think I'll ever use that again - it was really for my significant other to use during our many late night movie sessions in the old apartment: we both like our movies really, really loud. I won't be hooking everything up to the wireless sound system because of the limited connectivity and because that would be just plain silly, but anything to be somewhat savvy environmentally while saving up on energy cost.

Gaming with those headphones on is as comfortable as it looks.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha it´s like a karma. During summer my game room is the hotest place in the house (and not in the fun way XD).
I wanna a couch like yours. Im using this fucking unconfortable chair.