Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Game Alert: A Successful Successor Edition!

I got two new games today but I feel the need to separate the announcements because this particular game that I am about to discuss deserves its own exclusive spotlight - ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about Treasure's Sin & Punishment: Star Successor for the Nintendo Wii. It is a rail shooter that sometimes play as a side-scroller. I have played through the first 2 stages and half of stage 3 and I must say the game has improved upon the things that made the first game literally a little bit sinful and punishing: the odd pacing and most importantly, the controls. Though I can't comment on the game's overall pace conclusively (it's good so far), using the Wii-mote to pin-point the target on screen is a breeze and Treasure has truly worked their magic to make the control precise, responsive, and flawless. Since the original did not get released in North America when it first came out - it is now on the Virtual Console - it is great to see Nintendo actually publishing this game themselves here. They should be happy to have done so because this game is a great example of how the Wii-Mote (and later, the PlayStation Move - Sorry Kinect, not you) can be properly utilized for real gaming.

The only sinful thing here is that Treasure doesn't release games often enough.

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