Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 2010: Thoughts on Nintendo Conference

The ever lovable, freakishly geeky Shigeru Miyamoto loves playing Link.

Nintendo had a terrific showing this year, thanks to the exciting line-up of games and the debut of the eagerly anticipated Nintendo 3DS system - oh my galaxy I so want one. This show is really about this promising new handheld system. It looks like a Nintendo DSi but with a widescreen 3D display (without glasses yeah!) on top and two cameras that can take 3D pictures on the outer flap. Better still, the 3D depth can be customized and even turned off easily! The graphical power of the handheld is now closer to what could be accomplished on the Nintendo Wii based on the beautiful footage of the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising. The 3DS is also equipped with an analogue stick! A second analogue stick could have been implemented into its design and I see this as a missed opportunity. It's impossible to show off the 3D effect via the video stream so the only way to experience it is to actually see the real thing in front of you... Which is a bummer because no release date announcement was made during the show, which means that the 3DS will probably be available in stores sometime next year.

Yeah it's great but how much will it cost? When will it be released?

Kid Icarus: Uprising is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive title.

I would be so happy to just see the 3DS reveal on this show but as a bonus, there are many other reasons to love Nintendo even more:

Donkey Kong Country Returns - Wii
Oh yes! We want more 2D games with 3D graphics like this one!

Mario Sports Mix - Wii
I always like Mario's sports games so this is a must for me,
especially with the variety of different types of sports included in the game.

Kirby's Epic Yarn - WiiJust wow! Very stylish graphics where everything is made of yarn.
This really reminds me of Yoshi's Story on the Nintendo 64!

I must say that Nintendo could have easily pulled off a perfect show if not for these disappointing blunders:

Miyamoto's Zelda Struggle:

But everything went perfectly during the practice run!

I love my Miyamoto like Mario loves his Princess Peach but what the heck happened here? The announcement for the new Zelda for the Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword should have been legendary but instead, it was sloppy and dull. The game will be using the Motion Plus so that players can orient Link's sword and shield accurately. During the presentation, Miyamoto just couldn't get the controls right and then tried blaming it on on the audience's wireless devices interfering with the motion controls. I don't know about this one - all that constant sword allignment and shield orientation maybe a bit too much work for a Zelda game. You are scaring me Miyamoto... First Wii Music, now a potentially bad Zelda game?

Epic Mickey Not So Epic:

The only epic part of this game...

I thought that Disney's upcoming Epic Mickey was a pure platformer. Instead, it tries to combine the "spray" mechanics from Super Mario Sunshine on the Nintendo GameCube with some role playing game mumbo jumbo and a little bit of platforming. During the bulk of the demo, you see Mickey navigating a full 3D world. It was dark and boring until we get to the "Steamboat Willie" section that showcases brilliant graphics and precise platforming. It was a bit too little too late there for me.

Golden Eye or Blind Eye?:

Nintendo is so excited about this title that they allow Activision to produce it!

The new Golden Eye for the Nintendo Wii looks terrible with really, really bad textures and blocky polygons. I don't know why the audience was cheering about this one - I understand that a lot of people love the original on the Nintendo 64 but that game was made by Rare! The same case could be presented about the new Donkey Kong Country: Returns but at least Returns is being developed by the brilliant people at Retro Studios who was responsible for the excellent modern classic: the Metroid Prime Trilogy!


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