Monday, June 14, 2010

E3 2010: Thoughts on Microsoft Conference

Microsoft is ready to make a lot of money this Holiday season...

Microsoft was really focused on Kinect (formerly known as Project Natal) today during their conference at E3. Fortunately, this is not necessarily a bad thing because the device is more fleshed out this time around and some of the things that one can do with it are pretty neat, especially the futuristic voice command. Then again, some of its applications failed to impress big time, like all the arm waving action. The conference is a lot more entertaining this year though and here are the things that really interest me:

1) Gears of War 3 looks awesome with nasty new enemies and finally, a playable female cast! Halo Reach however doesn't seem to be that exciting and tries too hard to be epic, especially the fact that Bungie jumps the shark and went for the uh, spaceship battle route...

There was a bit of raging happening on stage during this demo play.

2) Metal Gear Solid: Rising's cut everything mechanics is incredible: you can slice up anything in the game - the environments and the human opponents - to pieces with deadly precision. This may turn out to be better than Guns of the Patriots... Probably because Hideo Kojima doesn't have his own filthy hands all over the game!

Robot spine is not as mushy as a real human spine!

3) The new X-Box 360 "Small" will be available for purchase by the end of this week! It looks super sleek and incredibly modern - almost as good looking as the PlayStation 3 as a matter of fact (the original, not the nasty slim). I definitely want one but since I already have two and this sexy new model is priced is at a high $299, I will have to pass for now. It's probably a good thing to not adopt this one too early - it may still be cursed by the red ring of death!

Whoa! That power button is so mesmerizing to look at!

4) Kinect Wins:

Ubisoft's Your Shape exercise program is very promising indeed. As long as it has
a solid routine generator, this may be the best home workout program ever!

Since I am getting the PlayStation 3's EyePet, I am interested in Kinectimals as well.

The VideoKinect is cool but why can't we already do this with the current 360 camera?

5) Kinect Fails:

New 2011 Forza game: Kneeling down to check the vehicle's rims is stupid.

Waving to the Kinect camera to log in is rather lame.
The Kinect's user interface's similarity to Sony's EyeToy games is even lamer!

If I really, really want to learn how to dance, I'd probably hire Mary Murphy.

The game should be called Kinect "Casual" Adventures!

And how do you control the acceleration again?

We at Microsoft want to steal away Nintendo's core audience!

6) Later this year, Windows 7 users will get avatar implementation with their Live service. No mention of it being on Vista and XP so I think that those two are going to be left in the dust. You go Microsoft with your bad self.



Anonymous said...

Kinetic hasn´t convinced me yet. Call me old fashioned but i still prefer having a controler in my hand.

Loner Gamer said...

I thought it was funny that during the Fable III part of the presentation, the senile Peter Molyneux didn't mention anything about using the Kinect to control the game - Last year, he was all over the technology, saying that it's how games are meant to be controlled. Controllers are here to stay but unfortunately, we'll see more of these "motion controlled" casual games because that's where the money's at apparently.

Anonymous said...

Yeah motion controllers are always meant to the casual audience, which i consider a mistake. I was hoping to see call of duty with kinect. I saw "kung fu rider" played with move and it was ridiculus and a waste of tecnology.
Peter molyneux works for MS so he has to create expectation. I dont care´if fable 3 doesn´t uses kinect (which im not gonna buy for now) as long as it arrives to pc.