Monday, June 21, 2010

Death Around the Corner

If you are one of those shoot-'em-up fanatics who have been dying to play Deathsmiles on the X-Box 360, you know that the closer you get to the release date of June 29th, the worse the anticipation becomes. My copy of the game is probably going to arrive a couple of days after that date which doesn't help the situation at all. I just discovered that Aksys Games had recently created an official webpage for the game and it is loaded with goodies like the game's storyline, character bios, and several new gameplay videos. But the most exciting piece of information I found on the site was this:

That's a first for a Cave game I think...
I believe that it wasn't even available on the Japanese version.

Wow. Online-Cop-op. I know most shooters don't include this feature because even a slight lag in these titles will ruin one's ability to precisely play these kind of games but I think that the feature should always be included because there will always be people who would be able to take advantage of it. Aksys Games did a great job with the website - it looks pretty and fun despite all the depressing talk about death that surrounds the game's universe. Hopefully, it will attract those who normally don't play "bullet hell" shmup because the title deserves to be successful at retail. I can't wait for them to announce more Cave games to be released domestically here in North America soon!

Death is only the beginning for these doomed girls.


Anonymous said...

I did not know about that. If it´s a side scrolling shooter im interested.

Loner Gamer said...

Yes, it's a side scrolling shooter. It's been out in Japan for a while but it was region-locked (a practice that should be considered discriminatory in this day and age).