Monday, June 7, 2010

The Origin of Culdcept's Gender Dilemma

After signing up for an account on the other day, I have decided to primarily focus my streaming activities around Culdcept for the PlayStation 2. I will be doing this until I get bored of it I suppose and to make things more exciting, I have decided to make a new character to play through the entire story mode again. Who knows, I may be able to collect all the cards and medals during this play through - my original character is missing a few cards and a number of medals. My new character is female and I have lovingly named her "Miss Cleo", a Cepter who wants to be the ultimate wielder of the (tarot) cards! Her primary deck is called... "Call Me Now!".

Immediately after I started playing, I realized that the gender-bender problem that I encountered in Culdcept Saga actually has its roots here! Though my character is female, everyone is very determined to refer to her as a "he". While it makes somewhat of a technical sense in Saga because you can't select a female character in the story mode until you at least completed the game once, the situation is a lot more disturbing here because you can select a female character from the very start using a fresh file. You would think that this is a truly basic thing that the translation/script team should have noticed during the making of this game but apparently, gender specific references are not important in creating an in-game personality that one wanted to relate to. It's very odd.

If you are interested in checking out Miss Cleo in action, please stop by my channel. Her (His?) live matches will be around 5pm PST daily as long as I am not out and about.

Miss Cleo may not be attractive but she's unmistakably a female...
Or is she?

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