Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Culdcept Gender Crisis: A Hope Crushed

When I wrote about my discovery of the absent gender specific reference for a female Cepter in Culdcept for the PlayStation 2 yesterday, I was pretty sure that things couldn't get any stranger but it did. One of the earlier Cepters you get to fight with is an ugly bandit named Zagol and after I won the first fight with him, I got the following proclamation:

Now I am really confused. Are you sure about that, Zagol?

If I am not mistaken, before the actual fight, one of Zagol minions even referred to my mystical Miss Cleo as a "he". Maybe Zagol encountered a near death experience with his defeat and he was able to see the truth for a split second? But just when things were starting to look up for Miss Cleo, all hope was lost when she returned all the merchandise stolen by Zagol to their rightful owner:

Zagol was right to steal from this fool...
To think that the only person who ever respected you was a dirty bandit.

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