Monday, June 14, 2010

Kinect? Ewww...

Microsoft has announed that "Project Natal" - that cursed camera for the X-Box 360 that allows you to control games without holding anything in your hand a.k.a. the casual gaming generator - has been renamed "Kinect". This unveiling was done through a performance by Cirque du Soleil: I have scheduled my DVR to record the show just to witness how we all need to be as nimble as a circus performer to play Kinect. The original name was bad but Kinect is just... Terrible. I have a feeling that they wanted to name it "Kinetic" but oh, that would be so unwise because it will sound like using it takes a lot of work (it does!). Well, at least it reflects the product properly: something that will have you moving and exhausted after a brief period of time? We all better watch out, this may be the end of real gaming on the 360 as we know it. Oh well, at least we still have the PlayStation Move and the Wii-Mote to fall back to I suppose.

They are both very similar in name and content, so don't confuse the two, okay?

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