Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Game Alert: Super Surprising Edition!

My special gift has arrived today: Super Street Fighter IV for the X-Box 360. I must say that I was surprised to see how good this game looks on the 360. The difference between the PC version of vanilla and this is actually quite minimal compared to how vastly superior the PC version was to the PS3 version that I used to own. I was really expecting the game to look less sharp and definitely less defined but I was proven wrong by the 360. Out of all the uh "new" characters, I think Juri is certainly the most interesting of the bunch though I do like how Ibuki looks in 3D. When I was playing this earlier, suddenly got a message from a friend of mine telling me that he really wanted to kick my butt in the game. I think he's been a bit bitter about our Culdcept Saga matches and we haven't played that game together in a long while but wow... Nothing like a little Street Fighter to reinvigorate his competitive spirit and of course I said to him, "Bring it on!" This should be pretty entertaining.

Whoever responsible for this ugly cover art deserves
to be trampled violently to the death by a gang of wet hippos.

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