Sunday, June 20, 2010


I don't remember the hearing any announcement made during this year's E3 conference in regards to the price of Microsoft's upcoming motion control camera, Kinect. So when I saw much much it is going to cost to get one this November, I was just flabbergasted.

Really, Microsoft?

So you are paying $150 for what is basically a slightly fancier EyeToy. If you add $50 more on top of that, you can get yourself a Nintendo Wii that has a more precise and responsive motion controller setup. This device is definitely overpriced and I will probably not going to be an early Kinect adopter. Sony's Move controller is going to be expensive as well - both Microsoft and Sony need to learn from Nintendo when it comes to proper pricing, especially since they went copycat on what used to be something that belongs exclusively to Nintendo.

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Anonymous said...

They need to learn a lot of things from nintendo. Kinect is not for us. Is for casual players. And as you said, if i wanna play with motion controls i´d buy a wii.