Friday, July 24, 2009

Heroes of Newerth: 3 Beta Keys

A quick update on the Heroes of Newerth closed beta: I really do enjoy the game, I found it to be quite addicting. It plays just like Demigod - which we know is heavily influenced by the Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients - only with more hero characters to choose from but with a dead on graphical presentation of DotA. The latter is a big problem for me: the game has a very outdated, slightly angled top down view of the battlefield and you cannot rotate the map. Heck, you can't even zoom out that far so the space in which you get to play in is just too rigid and claustrophobic. The game looks extremely good and the 3D engine is solid but the lack of a good camera control really makes the game a bit of a chore to play. There are 40+ unique hero characters you can choose from and that totally owns the 8 currently offered in Demigod but the camera control on Demigod makes it a far more enjoyable experience. If they don't change the graphical presentation, I would still buy the game but it would be a missed opportunity of major proportions. By the way, the community is downright terrible: a majority of the people I have played with were condescending and downright snippy. Judging from the forum posts, apparently this is brought upon by the infamously hardcore, rude DotA players who are making the transition to HoN.

If you are still looking to join the closed beta, I have 3 keys to give out. All you have to do is send me an email at Just like the previous beta giveaway, it's first come, first served - the first 3 emails that get to me will receive the beta keys. An update note will be posted here once all the keys are gone.

Update Note: 9:31am - The 1st key is gone, 2 more to go.
Update Note: 08/05/2009, 1:53pm - The 2nd key is gone, 1 more to go.
Update Note: 08/05/2009, 3:23pm - The 3rd key has been claimed.
Update Note: 08/07/2009, 7:27am - I have 2 additional beta keys!
Update Note: 08/13/2009, 7:57am - All out!


kostarika said...

Loner man, If u got by some weirds loner magic another one of these, p-uh-lease send me one at . Will worship you daily and make sacrificial murders of fluffy toys in your name! :)

Anonymous said...

plss send me a HON beta key here is my email
thanks man!

gregory said...

hey please send me one if you can!

Anonymous said...

plz i need a key to PLZ

plz mate wanna play :D